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Do you have/need water backup coverage?

Do you have a sump pump in your home/apartment? Do you know a homeowners/renters policy in Michigan does NOT cover backup of sewer or drain without endorsement? If your sump pump ever fails due to power outage or battery backup not working, you could find yourself with a flooded basement and ZERO coverage!

Water backup is NOT the same as a flood

If you read my previous post "Do I need flood coverage", you know that flooding and water backup are considered two different things. Water backup is typically described as water that enters the home from BELOW. Think floor drain or sump pump. However, if the nearby lake/river overflows and floods your basement - this coverage will do you no good.

The endorsement typically runs less than $10/mo. and is usually called "Backup of sewer/drain". Make sure you have it!

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My name is Kris Hall. For years I've been insuring families all over Michigan and I'd like the opportunity to do the same for you. We live in an increasingly litigious society and having adequate coverage is more important than ever. 

                                      I take pride in helping my clients understand what they're buying, not just how much it costs. Every client benefits from having multiple companies compete for their business. 


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Located in Ann Arbor, the Kleinschmidt Insurance Agency has been serving Michigan since 1926. For three generations we've taken pride in being the most experienced agency in Ann Arbor with a longstanding history of excellence. 

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